Jang Ok Jung (COMPLETE)

Drama Info: DramaWiki, AsianWiki
Title: Jang Ok Jung
Also Known As: Jang Ok Jung, Live for Love
Genre: Historical, Romance, Melodrama
Language: Korean
Broadcast Period: 2013 Apr 08 - 2013 June 25
Episodes: 24

Version: 720p KOR
File Format: mp4
File Size:
English Subtitle: unknown

This drama tells the story of Jang Ok Jung, known as Lady Jang Hee Bin, one of Korea’s best known royal concubines of the Joseon Dynasty and became known for her hunger for power and ruthless plotting. However, this drama will tell a completely new interpretation of the infamous royal concubine Lady Jang Hee Bin and show the story before she became concubine and how her involvement as a fashion designer and cosmetics-maker during that era. This drama will also highlight the love story between Jang Ok Jung and King Suk Jong. - DramaWiki

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Encoded by kenchanamaru (720p)
Episode 01: E01[720p]
Episode 02: E02[720p]
Episode 03: E03[720p]
Episode 04: E04[720p]
Episode 05: E05[720p]
Episode 06: E06[720p]
Episode 07: E07[720p]
Episode 08: E08[720p]
Episode 09: E09[720p]
Episode 10: E10[720p]
Episode 11: E11[720p]
Episode 12: E12[720p]
Episode 13: E13[720p]
Episode 14: E14[720p]
Episode 15: E15[720p]
Episode 16: E16[720p]
Episode 17: E17[720p]
Episode 18: E18[720p]
Episode 19: E19[720p]
Episode 20: E20[720p]
Episode 21: E21[720p]
Episode 22: E22[720p]
Episode 23: E23[720p]
Episode 24 END: E24[720p]

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Version: (custom from 1080i broadcast) 540p-SAM
File Format: MKV
File Size: 644mb
Resolution: 960 x 540 [540p]
Encoder: sinecure (Twitter)

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Episode 01 [540p]
Episode 02 [540p]
Episode 03 [540p]
Episode 04 [540p]
Episode 05 [540p]
Episode 06 [540p]
Episode 07 [540p]
Episode 08 [540p]
Episode 09 [540p]
Episode 10 [540p]
Episode 11 [540p]
Episode 12 [540p]
Episode 13 [540p]
Episode 14 [540p]
Episode 15 [540p]
Episode 16 [540p]

Episode 17 [540p]
Episode 18 [540p]
Episode 19 [540p]
Episode 20 [540p]

Episode 21 [540p]
Episode 22 [540p]
Episode 23 [540p]
Episode 24 END


  1. The eng subs don't match with the 540p episodes ...

    1. You can edit it by using sub shifter http://subshifter.bitsnbites.eu/

      usually it's between -4.0 to -4.5

  2. This drama is the best beside Gu Family Book. Must watch

  3. Seungyeon on Monday + Tuesday and Gyuri on Friday x)

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  6. subtitle plz for eps 9 to 14.. TQ

  7. I'm waiting for ep.15 & 16...this story make me more curious...haha

  8. someone encode this to 450p.

    let me share the link http://pastebin.com/PBnkep9v