Master's Sun (COMPLETE)

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Title: Master's Sun
Genre: Horror, fantasy, romance, comedy
Language: Korean
Broadcast Period: 2013 Aug 07 - 2013 Sept 26
Episodes: 16

Version: 540p-SAM
File Format: MKV
File Size: ~450mb
Resolution: 960x540[540p]
Encoder: sinecure (Twitter)
English Subtitle: unknown

Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub) is a cold and ambitious CEO, who measures all human relationships through money. Tae Gong Sil (Gong Hyo Jin) is a sensitive assistant, who suffers from insomnia, due to her ability to see ghosts after an accident. Joong Won will learn to trust Gong Sil and falls in love with her.
- DramaWiki

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  • password = mqblog
  • Join split (.001, .002) files with HJSplit program

Download Links [540p]:
Episode 01 [540p] | REPACK*
Episode 02 [540p]
Episode 03 [540p]
Episode 04 [540p]
Episode 05 [540p]
Episode 06 [540p]
Episode 07 [540p]
Episode 08 [540p]
Episode 09 [540p]
Episode 10 [540p]
Episode 11 [540p]
Episode 12 [540p]
Episode 13 [540p]
Episode 14 [540p]
Episode 15 [540p]
Episode 16 [540p]

Episode 17 END [540p]

* REPACK contains opening sequence

kenchanamaru [720p]:
Episode 01: E01[720p]
Episode 02: E02[720p]
Episode 03: E03[720p]
Episode 04: E04[720p]
Episode 05: E05[720p]
Episode 06: E06[720p]
Episode 07: E07[720p]
Episode 08: E08[720p]
Episode 09: E09[720p]
Episode 10: E10[720p]
Episode 11: E11[720p]
Episode 12: E12[720p]
Episode 13: E13[720p]
Episode 14: E14[720p]
Episode 15: E15[720p]
Episode 16: E16[720p]
Episode 17 END: E17[720p]


  1. could you please use something other than filefactory? it takes me 3 hours to download and it usually fails before I even finish so I've trying for days to download one file.

    1. upgrade to ff premium or you can use leecher/generator and also use IDM to download file, usually helps to download faster and resumable.

  2. eng subtitle pls~..pls please~ someone??..


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  4. update pleaseeeee~~
    채발~ 감사합니다아아아아아~~~ ^^

  5. was it only me who cant view the google docs? i skipped the ads and all but i cant view the google docs. help? :/ i need link to ep6 part 2, and 3.

  6. episodes 5 & 6 on hotfile were deleted :(

  7. ep 5 and 6 on hotfile had been deleted.. why?? :((

  8. pls reupload eps 5 and 6 720p on hotfile.
    can't download it from deposit & uploaded either

  9. pls reupload eps 5 n 6 on hotfile...pls....

  10. sinecure, the ep6 keeps on directly going to a premium link which is not accessible for free users… tried the hugefile mirror but prompts that i got the wrong IP… what to do?

  11. Thanks a lot for your releases.
    Can I please ask you to provide the 540p version on a different file locker site than filefactory? It keeps giving me "No free slots at the moment" error and I can't download
    If that's not possible no problem, grateful for your effort.
    Thanks again

  12. guys if you need the 540, try the hugefile set. follow sinecure's twitter account. not all link may work the first time but do try. and grab them as soon as possible. :)

  13. hye, actually i still dont get how to download form this site. Previously, mediafire was really fast and I can download all 2 parts of every episode at the same time. But using this file factory, it seems that I can't download all files at the same time even worse I have limited time. Or is it me who actually don't know how to download? please help.:)

  14. Subtitles for 540p-SAM version:

  15. ep 5 and 6 on hotfile had been deleted.. why??

  16. Alternative New Working Links / 540p-SAM / !please add main area!




  17. Alternative New Working Links / 540p-SAM / !please add main area!


  18. kenchanamaru , Ep 14 link is not working T_T

  19. Thank you so much, Kenchanamaru for completing this drama :)

  20. this drama is the best.. i really love it..^_^

  21. Kenchanamaru, can you use host that have resume action, like yandex, mixtercloud etc
    and separate the episode be 2 not 3, well some host need to wait after download use the same IP
    ^_^ thanks

  22. why when the 720p appear in doc ? pliz help me