How the Blog Came to Be ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(please excuse the ridiculous amounts of emoticons in this post. I couldn't resist. haha)

Once upon a time in April 2010, f0reveralways was bored and decided to re-encode the first episode of Cinderella's Sister. How did she know how to re-encode videos? She picked it up back in 2006 when she joined a subbing group for Big Bang. Why Cinderella's Sister? Because she liked the cast and had high hopes for it to be awesome (turns out it wasn't so great.. haha).

ANYWAY.. She uploaded her video and posted it onto Soompi. She checked the download numbers and asked if people were really interested in smaller sized videos. The response? Yes! One thing led to another and before she knew it she was encoding another drama.. And then another.. and THEN someone suggested she make a blog to post all her links because they were actually interested in all her videos

So she's like.. Oh. Okay. SURE THING! She runs off to blogger because she was already kind of familiar with it. Then she clicks "Create a Blog" and was asked for a blog name ... She was like.. okay whatever. Medium Quality (sorry I didn't get creative guys. haha). The name was available! And voila! That's how MediumQuality.blogspot was created.


Fast forward to today. This blog got way more popular than I expected. haha. There was also unexpected help from kind users! Jahepop, Thanyawin, Blank_Yan, eberwertas, ~TxE~, vendoz, sinecure, kenchanamaru, & sakuraigurl88! They learned how to encode videos and kindly offered their help in posting dramas/movies. This site definitely wouldn't have gotten so far without them.

- f0reveralways

More About the Uploaders ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

f0reveralways - created blog in April 2010
I'm from the US (California) :] If you couldn't already tell, I am female. lol. I'm currently a college student and have been watching kdramas since 2006 when my older sister introduced them to me. I watch jdramas and twdramas every now and then too. But mostly just kdramas :] My all time favorite drama is a jdrama though: Hana Yori Dango! <3 Love love love it. Haha. I am NOT Korean, by the way. I've been asked here if I was before. lol. I'm actually Vietnamese (with a little bit of Chinese), and was born in the Philippines ^^

jahepop - joined October 2010
Hello all, like what my id said, i am Jahepop. You can call me Jahe or Jahepop, it is up to you. I come from Indonesia where the connection rate is expensive and suck but i am lucky enough to have parent that provide me best connection so far, so as long as my connection available i am decided to help foreveralways to share medium quality sized drama. I know this blog already a year ago from a fanbase that account that shared My Girlfriend Is Gumiho link. I have twitter account @jahepop maybe some of you already know it. I told you not to follow because i don't follow back anyone again. LOL. But you can still mention me if you want to ask something like why the link has not up yet, or anything!

I am female. Been liking asian drama since elementary school when Long Vacation (dorama) aired in local tv-station. Start liking k-drama since junior high, when my mother bought endless love vcd and those lead me to liking JPOP and KPOP. My favorite drama is Good Luck!! (dorama) and i don't have favorite k-drama so far and i don't know why xD Now i am already in last semester of college, now is really busy doing many things. Assignments, part time jobs, doing big final project, taking care of my cats and i am a half-housewife too since my mum always asks me to help her anything. LOL.

That's long rite, but i think i haven't told you the crucial thing--so hold on! Haha. Yeah, like what i have said before, i live in a country where the connection is not really that good so i try my best to share as long as my connection alive--so do pray for my connection okay?! xDDD Because maybe i can stop sharing anything with you in future because of this thing (or other thing, who knows? :( ) SO THAT'S ALL FOLKS, hahaha! Thanks for supporting this blog. <3 *phew*

ps: and sorry for my bad english! xD

Thanyawzin - joined March 2011
I'm from Myanmar. But now I'm study in russia. I am a boy, who wanted to help people and doing any kind of interesting things. And always enjoy watching movies, drama or tvseries. First I enjoy start watch chineses matial arts. Later I start watching korean drama. Because In my country they show with mother language subtitles everynight for one hour since I was grade five student. When I was graduated and come to russia for study. Then I start searching and watching dramas, because for my relaxation is watching movies Cool. I found foreveralways's blog from first Feb in soompi. And she was provided FAQs. There I start asking how to encode. Foreveralways and Jahepop, they were teach me how to do. so I start encoding and ask them how my encoding. They said my encoding is fine. Then I decided to help to encode for blog and for visitors. However I always thanks foreveralways and Jahepop first and thanks visitors who enjoys my encoding drama. If you're not enjoys, please understand.

Blank_Yan - joined December 2011

eberwertas - joined January 2012

~TxE~ - joined May 2012

vendoz - joined May 2012
Hi, i'm vendoz and female. Vendoz is a gift from my friend when i was 13 years old. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Java, Indonesia. Indonesia which is located in South East Asia. I like watch drama from Korea and Japan when I was 9. To me, watching the drama is enjoyable and full of charm, entertaining people, touching people’s soul. I don't have specific favorite drama title, but i like action, mystery, and comedy. I like download the drama, watch them again and again, save the file until my harddsik full. I never think to delete the drama from harddisk until my harddisk decided to destroy himself -LOL =D
I have known this blog since 2010 when i saw the watermark "http://www.mediumquality.blogspot.com" in My Girlfriend is Gumiho. This blog is very helpfull to get drama with medium size but the quality is still good. At that time, I did not think to be the encoder because I was too busy for college activities. My intention to be the encoder appears at April 2012, when I haven't been busy. When I was opening mqblog page to download Princess Man, I saw a tab that contains a tutorial encoding the video and I tried it. I sent the result to f0rever and said if I wanted to be an encoder and uploader on her blog. I sent several encoding from different software to f0rever. Finally, I accepted to be uploader at mqblog, yyaaaaayyyy \(-o_o-)/. The connection in Indonesia is not really that good, i try my best to share video on time. If not, upppss =X , i'm really sorry, please understand, =D Enjoy the drama and sorry if my english is bad :'b

sinecure - joined July 2012

kenchanamaru - joined July 2012

sakuraigurl88 - joined August 2012